Thursday, June 10, 2010

Homebody goes out in Austin: Fireants, Split Rayfield and some band I didn't like

Some background about me. I'm kind of a homebody. I don't think I always used to be a homebody, and I actually don't like the term homebody (I prefer to say that I'm very good at entertaining myself) but between moving a few times and not having any friends in the area, I'm perfectly happy staying at home watching bad television, playing with my dogs, and doing artsy dorky crafts.

My fiance, is not.

He needs to be entertained, and loves going out and meeting new people. In this way, we're a really good match because I keep him in the house enough to justify paying rent and he makes sure I don't become a crazy cat lady at home alone.

So last night we went out in Austin. It's the live music capital of the world, and hubby is a big live music fan. He pitches a lot of shows to me that I have absolutely no interest in, but last night there was a bluegrass / folk / band with a mandolin playing and it sounded good to me so I agreed to go.

As we walked to the venue and passed this couple riding a souped up tractor down the road, I was glad I decided to go out. We ended up at Antone's , which is a neat little divy blues club downtown. Besides the fact that he first bartender charged me $2.50 for a diet coke (wtf dude, i'm driving drunky home), I really liked it. Smaller venue, concrete floor, simple folding tables. A place you can go in jeans and an old t-shirt and not feel like you have to impress anybody.

First band, Fireants, I loved. They're a bunch of teenagers and have that arrogant, finding their way kind of attitude that you'd expect any teenage band with some talent and credibility to have. The lead singer and fiddler has a decent voice, and an amazing talent for the fiddle. He's also a decent entertainer, though is still finding some comfort with the stage. Extra points for the super cool girl bass player. I wish I was that cool in high school (but definitely wasn't).

Second band, don't remember the name. They jumped around from being jesus freaks (with an empty whiskey bottle on the symbols... that was interesting), singing 60's television jingles, conservative "This is AMERica" songs, and ending with a GREAT song called "Fuck Fuck Fuck This Really Fucking Sucks." They didn't suck, but need some kind of consistency.

Last band, Splitlip Rayfield was the headliner and the hubby's obvious player. Granted these cell phone pictures are horrible, but if you look at the photo above you can probably notice that the bass isn't an ordinary instrument. It's a freakin' fuel tank converted into a base, and that guy was rockin' it. I should have donated him the parts from my burning car (that's a story for a later date), he probably could have turned the scarred brakes into a piano. To be honest, it was getting late (for me) at this point and I faded before the show ended - but the band was really entertaining and rich with talented musicians.

Tonight, I'm cleaning my dirty house which we've almost unpacked and looking forward to the weekend.

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