Monday, June 28, 2010

The truth is, if you whine you get what you want.

Okay, so I don't necessarily believe that  but my last post was mainly me whining about not being able to find a job.  Low and behold, I got an interview last Friday and a job offer came with it.  So, here's the big obligatory WOOHOO.  Now that I have secured employment, I'm actually a little sad that my slack lifestyle will be ending shortly.  Since this is the case, we decided to drive to New Orleans on Saturday for an impromptu trip to hang out with hubby's sister for her birthday celebration.

I love New Orleans, so do my dogs and so does everyone pretty much.  We're lucky that they're such good travelers (the dogs that is, I don't know if hubby and myself are good travelers at this point).  My spaniel freaks out a bit when he sees us packing suitcases,  but as soon as he's in the car he's just happy to be able to go somewhere. 

So yeah, not a whole lot to report besides the fact that I have to start going to an office again after the 4th of July holiday weekend, and I'm sitting in a really pretty double shotgun right now with my dogs.  Tomorrow I need to go check on our florist for the wedding, because they're not particularly good at email and seemed to have cashed our deposit check without any kind of written or verbal confirmation.  Fun fun.

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