Sunday, June 20, 2010


I know, there's been a long absence.  I spent most of last week feeling like death, somewhere between the "oh my god I can't keep my eyes open" of mono and the "I'm so green i make kermit look like a joke" stomach flu.  I call this the "I've moved to Texas and discovered I'm allergic to tacos", because it all started with these.

Those are breakfast tacos.  They are actually yummy and delicious, but they started this whole thing so now they are to blame.  In case you weren't aware, everything in Texas comes in taco form.  You can get filet mignon tacos... out of a trailer.  You can get veggie and shrimp and breakfast and dinner and dessert.  Texas should really be re-named Tacoss.

And for the first few days I had no problem with this taco delight, but then one night we went out for Tex Mex (surprise) with some friends and I innocently consumed two strawberry margaritas.  In Massachusetts, strawberry maragaritas = sugar with a hint of tequila, but here they are no joke.  Suffice to say, it wasn't long before I was begging hubby to take me to the dessert bar at whole foods (because that would fix EVERYTHING) and acting a total fool.

The next morning I woke up and thought breakfast tacos would fix everything.  NOT.

But now I'm recovered, evidence being I'm drinking a glass of white wine without feeling like I need to go have a lay down (at least not after one).  I've got three weeks starting tomorrow of stretching out my job, which is exciting because I get paid.. but not exciting because I don't really have anything else in the hopper for future employment.  At least the hubby is willing to keep buying me tacos, it could be a lot worse!

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  1. bahahaha it's always the strawberry flavored margaritas. they do it EVERY TIME.